About Wellness Amplified

Bringing Experience and Passion to Health + Wellness Marketing

Wellness Amplified isn’t just another marketing consultant. Launched in 2016, we’ve cultivated a unique space focusing solely on healthcare, lifestyle, and well-being verticals. Our purpose is deeply intertwined with our passion for making people happier, healthier, and better connected to brands that can enhance their lives.

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Where strategy, passion, and genuine partnership drive success in the dynamic and demanding health and wellness industry.


Strategic Expertise

Benefit from strategic experience and insights that optimize your marketing across various channels, ensuring you invest where it matters most.


Passionate Guidance

Led by Karen Koslow, we are fueled by a passion for health + wellness, ensuring your brand’s contribution to people and the planet are amplified.


Partnership First

We don’t just consult; we partner with you, diving deep into your unique challenges and opportunities to craft solutions that resonate.


Accessible Excellence

Experience the care and commitment we offer to each client, big or small, helping you navigate the marketing industry’s pressures with grace.

Passion is the fuel that turns a job into a career and a career into a calling.

~ Robert Kiyosaki

Karen Koslow


Karen is an award-winning, strategic, digital marketing expert and entrepreneur who is adept at conceiving and leading discipline-agnostic strategies and multichannel marketing programs. Her track record extends across Fortune 100 brands and enterprising startups, consistently delivering tangible results. Time and again she has successfully helped brands build equity, foster consumer engagement, and deliver measurable outcomes.

Driven by an unwavering passion for health and wellness, Karen has made it her professional mission to successfully connect health advocates, healthcare professionals, and wellness experts with brands and audiences in truly authentic, innovative, and mutually beneficial ways.

Beyond her achievements in the digital marketing realm, Karen is also a professionally trained Health Coach, working with executives who seek a healthy lifestyle balance that supports both their professional growth and their personal satisfaction.


Some of our best-in-their-class partners


Best-in-class design with an outstanding record for longevity and product performance; strategy, design, UX + digital architecture, design thinking.

Augmented Experts

Platform for efficiently discovering, connecting, and managing the content creation process between brands and expert authors; Karen Koslow is a Board Advisor.


Branding and creative that helps brands striving to get to the next level; categories of expertise in health + wellness, CPG, and retail categories.

Let's Make a Difference

Together we can shape an authentic, unforgettable narrative for your brand—one that connects deeply and compels people to act.