Amplify Your Influence You’re a health & wellness advocate. You influence the actions of others. Your recommendations inspire lifestyle changes. Amplify Your Authenticity We’ll connect you with like-minded brands that understand your impact and want your support telling their stories.

Health Professional? Increase Your Impact.

Are you a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, registered dietitian or naturopath with a blog or social media following, large or small? Are you an educator, author or media personality? We’ll match you with opportunities to grow your influence and receive compensation for your time.

A trusted referral is the Holy Grail.

Mark Zuckerberg

Wellness Practitioner? Build Your Relationships.

Are you a health coach, yoga teacher, personal trainer or fitness instructor? Want to add value to your followers and earn income for yourself? We’re excited to match you with brands that share your passions and standards.

Jump in Healthy Lifestyle Advocates!

Are you a chef, author, condition–specific advocate, wellness blogger or social media maven? We’ll find you brand partnerships that match your commitment to spreading the word about healthy living. And we’ll help increase your visibility and audience, too.

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Wellness Amplified works to maximize your influence through partnerships with quality brands dedicated to health + wellness. The type of program and your level of engagement is totally up to you.

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