Wellness Amplified Featured in Ad Age

Ad Age

Ad Age discussed the trend in health & wellness marketing away from celebrities to trusted health & wellness experts with Wellness Amplified co-founder Karen Koslow.

According to Ad Age, healthy brands like Plum Organics, are relying less on celebrity endorsements and instead turning to trusted health & wellness experts for brand recommendations to consumers. For a range of health, nutrition, and personal care categories, brands are finding that consumers crave trust and authenticity over celebrity and the “cool factor.”

Karen said, “Health pros might have fewer followers than celebs, “but the following they do have is quite devoted to what they are saying.” She noted that Wellness Amplified, an innovative health & wellness influencer agency, prefers to work with credible experts in the “power middle,” health pros with between 10,000 and 250,000 online followers.

One example is Dr. Andy Roark, a South Carolina-based veterinarian who runs a website targeting vets and pet owners. Wellness Amplified connected him with Pettura, a dietary supplement for dogs that comes in liquid form. Dr. Roark crafted a BuzzFeed-like post titled “The 5 Ridiculous Reactions Your Dog Has to Being Pilled” that was sponsored by Pettura and targeted vets. The post plugged the brand subtly, providing a link where vets could get a free trial of Pettura, described as “your anecdote to fussy pill takers.”

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