Wellness Amplified in Chief Marketer

Patricia O’Dell from ChiefMarketer.com published an article featuring Wellness Amplified. The article described how Wellness Amplified is unique in the world of influencer marketing today, and how our focus on the health and wellness vertical is an opportunity for marketers to reach consumers motivated to improve their health.

“Unlike other categories, the opinions and recommendations of these trusted experts have genuine influence with consumers concerned about their health and well-being.”

Wellness Amplified, as an influencer marketing company focuses on influencers with credentials. They include healthcare professionals, wellness practitioners, and informed healthy lifestyle advocates.

In the article, Karen Koslow, Managing Partner at Wellness Amplified, highlighted the company’s mission – bringing these credentialed, credible influencers together with brands who share their passion.

“So many accomplished wellness practitioners working every day to make a difference in people’s lives—and so many brands that want their authentic recommendation. Bringing the two together is our mission.”

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