Wellness Amplified’s Megan Levy on Julius Profiles

Megan Levy, Wellness Amplified’s Director of Client Services, recently appeared on the Julius Profiles podcast to discuss credibility in the health and wellness space, vetting influencers, and making new opportunities for content creators. Give it a listen!


How Dietitians Are Expanding Their Healthy Influence

As people of all backgrounds have become more interested in healthy eating, RDNs have more opportunities than ever to share their knowledge with a wider audience.

Why Influencer Marketing in Health + Wellness Is Different

There is a huge opportunity for health + wellness professionals to amplify messaging from brands they believe in, and who have an authentic and credible message.


Wellness Amplified’s Brand Safety Guide

Wellness Amplified co-founder Karen’s Koslow tips for avoiding common mistakes that brands make with influencer marketing campaigns were featured in Chief Marketer.

Wellness Amplified Featured in Ad Age

Ad Age discussed the trend in health + wellness marketing away from celebrities to trusted, credentialed experts with Wellness Amplified co-founder Karen Koslow.