What is Wellness Amplified?

Wellness Amplified is an Influencer Marketing Agency solely dedicated to the breadth of influencers in health, wellness, nutrition and fitness. Wellness Amplified was created with the mission to help appropriate brands and causes connect with health-minded, wellness-seeking consumers through the credibility and authenticity of health + wellness professionals, practitioners and lifestyle advocates. We match these trusted health + wellness experts and advocates with brands committed to providing products and services that authentically contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

How do you build your community?

Our community includes a wide breadth of health + wellness influencers with credential and/or depth of knowledge in a number of specialties and topics related to health, wellness, nutrition and/or fitness. Our Influencers have a range of digital and social media followings, from large communities to micro-followings, and often have in-person practices and clients as well. We have extensive experience in identifying, cultivating and maintaining relationships with those of influence in health + wellness.

What are the criteria to join the Wellness Amplified Community?

Our Community includes healthcare professionals, wellness practitioners and healthy lifestyle advocates who have a base of patients, clients and/or followers that turn to them for information and advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our influencers share our mission to make America healthier.

Who started Wellness Amplified and what experience do you have?

The founders of Wellness Amplified have been involved in marketing + media, health + wellness and influencer marketing for 20+ years. We are entrepreneurs, have owned marketing agencies, and have extensive experience working with leading brands and agencies across many industries. Wellness Amplified was born out of a desire to combine our marketing expertise with our passion and commitment to people’s health and well being.

I’m a BRAND looking to partner with influencers, whom should I contact?

We look forward to hearing from you. Please drop us an email at hello@wellnessamplified.com. We’ll get back to you right away!

I’m an AGENCY looking to partner with influencers, why would I contact you?

Wellness Amplified welcomes agency partners. Because we specialize in Health + Wellness Influencer Marketing, we have deep roots, extensive relationships and years of experience working with brands and influencers in this space. We can strategically partner your client’s brands with influencers from our large community of health + wellness influencers and let you handle the rest, or handle every aspect of your influencer campaign from start to finish. You decide. We’d love to talk with you. Please reach out to us at hello@wellnessamplified.com.

Why would I want to partner with brands?

Partnering with high quality brands can give your business exposure, enhance your own brand and image, give voice to your opinions, but most importantly, it can bring valuable information, ideas and savings for living a healthy life to your followers. And, depending upon the brand and your situation, you can get special deals, samples, and compensation for yourself. Only say ‘yes’ to brands, products, services and causes you feel good about supporting.

How do I join the Wellness Amplified Community? What information do I need to give you?

It’s simple. And it’s FREE. Give us your name, email, website address and social handles.  Join right now!  After you sign-up, we will email you for more information about your expertise, location, favorite retailers, etc. This helps us better match you with the right brands. From there, we will be in touch with brand opportunities, ways to give you and your business additional exposure. Join right now!

How do you select influencers for Wellness Amplified programs?

We carefully assess each Influencer’s credentials, expertise, follower and/or client base, review info about your specialties and interest, read your websites, blogs and content across all social platforms, and more. Influencers within our Community are carefully matched based on the client’s needs. Being signed up in our Community makes it easier for us to quickly match you with a brand.

What social media platforms are required to work with Wellness Amplified and do I need to have a blog?

We work with all platforms, and yes, a blog is great to have, but not required. We work with Influencers that have large and small followings. It is important that your digital and social media presence has engaged followers. Campaigns vary depending on the brand and objectives. At times brands are not as concerned with follower size but more with your credentials, expertise and how engaged your followers are with you and your content. Join today to learn more!

What kind of brand campaigns can I expect?

We work with a variety of brands committed to health + wellness. Common categories are food, fitness, supplements, over-the-counter products, beauty, travel, and more. We also love working with pet brands! The specifics for brand campaigns vary based upon the brand’s goals, which make each one a unique assignment.

What if I don’t like or want to work with a specific brand?

We would never ask you to support a brand that is not consistent with your values. The choice of brands and the manner in which you are comfortable engaging with them is up to you. In no way would it affect our matching you with other brands in the future.

How do I find out about new campaigns?

You will be notified if we think you’re a good fit for a campaign. It’s a good idea to keep us updated with your latest email and phone number so we can connect with you. Send changes to hello@wellnessamplified.com.

How do I know if I’m selected for a campaign?

Once you have been identified as a prospective influencer for a Wellness Amplified campaign, we will contact you by email. We will provide you with details about the campaign and everything you need to know, from start to finish.

If I am getting paid for my efforts, how does that work?

Compensation varies by brand, specifics of the campaign and influencer. Most digital campaigns include monetary compensation and the amount will vary based on the level of commitment required, platforms used, types of content, size of your following, and your engagement rates. You will be paid by Paypal or check, depending on the project and your preferences. A W-9 form will be requested on your first campaign with us.

Who can I contact to answer questions or resolve problems?

You can always reach out to us at hello@wellnessamplified.com and we will get back to you within 48 hours.