Our Story

It's simple. Wellness Amplified was created by health + wellness devotees who are also highly experienced marketing professionals with a passion for a healthier America.

Our Mission

We know that marketing is about compelling storytelling and amplifying those stories. And when trusted sources are the ones telling the stories, people listen with greater intent. When it comes to health and wellbeing, studies show the most trusted sources are credentialed, experienced and passionate professionals and advocates.

That’s why we created Wellness Amplified – to connect purpose-based brands with the influential, authentic, impactful voices that health-minded consumers trust to give them the information they need – and deserve – to make the right choices for themselves, their families and our planet.

We are committed to working with and delivering results for brands that have a sincere interest in wellness, quality and transparency. Ultimately, the members of our Influencer + Content Creator Community make the choices about which brands and messages are right for their clients, followers and themselves.  At the end of the day, we all share the same goal: to do our part to build a more informed and healthier America.

Wellness Amplified is proud to have been chosen as one of the Chief Marketer 200: Top Marketing Agencies.

Our Team

  • Karen Koslow
    Karen Koslow Founder

    Proven talent for transforming ideas into successful businesses. Experienced marketing and communications strategist. Former owner of nationally recognized
    integrated marketing agency with Fortune 100 client base. Founder of Antidote 360, health + wellness marketing consultancy. Overall wellness nut, certified Health Coach and avid gardener.

  • Megan Levy
    Megan Levy Client Services

    Pioneer in Influencer Marketing, on both large-agency 
and network sides. Fluent in the digital landscape brand marketers navigate to connect with consumers online. Thrives on helping clients discover best strategic approach, especially as it relates to working with influencers. 3X half-marathoner, goal-setter and spin addict.

  • Michelle Nishanian
    Michelle Nishanian Strategy + Media

    Strategic and creative thinker who thrives on creating genuine connections between brands and consumers. Well-versed in integrated marketing strategies with more than ten years of experience in digital media, influencer marketing, promotions, and shopper marketing. Freelance makeup artist and movie junkie who once swam with sharks but doesn’t know how to ride a bike.

  • Olivia Long
    Olivia Long Account Management

    Energetic marketing professional who comes to life when working with health and wellness brands. Ambitious, creative problem-solver with experience helping brands develop, execute and measure their marketing vision. Fitness enthusiast, foodie and lover of the great outdoors.

  • Cathy Alescio
    Cathy Alescio Operations

    Corporate project management guru in global information technology and health care administration. Certified Front Line Leadership facilitator, with expertise in organizational systems, processes, goals and training. Passionate volunteer, avid sports fan, crafter, cook, dog lover and mom.

  • Jessica Hulett
    Jessica Hulett Content

    Content and marketing professional with more than 15 years experience creating and promoting digital content. Experienced email and social media strategist, A/B testing devotee and analytics whiz. Graduate of Chef’s Training Program at Natural Gourmet Institute, avid kickboxer and mom living in NY’s Hudson Valley.